2018 wave Rave


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Jan 17, 2006
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Didn’t have any issues with strength of the lower, original cross beams which are curved, but the width and subsequent bunk height of moving the bunk brackets wider caused them to be unequal height and would have required goofy bunk brackets (tall in the middle of the dip and almost nothing on the edge of the dip).

I opted to have the framework welded on top rather than modifying (chopping the curve out and welding in straight beams in their place) since it would add strength and give more mounting options. I got really lucky actually since I basically guessed at where I wanted everything welded and it turned out nearly perfect size/ spacing. I did 4 side to side beams to give more bunk mounting options and then some front to back support bars in the rear middle which are perfect for crossing individual straps over each ski rear, which also added strength between the side to side bars back there.

This gave me enough elevation to sneak the bunk brackets out wider at the same height and allowed me to sneak up and over the wheels/ fenders so it wasn’t limited to squeezing between them. I added the different style winch post in the center and made those bunks in the center higher, which allows the skis to overlap some without smashing bond rails or touching the other skis, and allows my straps to sneak down below. Again, super lucky on spacing.

I got this trailer basically for free via a package deal, so basically all I paid for was new tires ~$140, the front center winch and post ~$150 and has about $300 into material and labor for the welding. The center bunks and brackets I already had, so it was a relatively cheap experiment, under $600 not counting my time and scrap materials I already had.

My only regret is not starting with a heavier duty trailer, like a midsize ~4k# aluminum boat trailer, like for a Boston Whaler, but they are very difficult to find in aluminum, at least for a reasonable price. Having the little bit of extra length in front would be ideal, to add a 4th set of bunks sideways and put a little more weight on the tongue. I plan to have one custom built from the ground up this winter if my funds allow for it, unless I find the ideal starting candidate to modify like this one.

You (or anyone) are welcome to bring your trailer and see mine whenever and take some measurements and pictures if you want.

Here’s some more pics of it that I had on my phone already.

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That a really nice 3 ski now. My new top box tube cross beams are not welded ( for flex ) i bought long bunk supports which are still attached to the lower ones. So the carpeted wood bunks sit atop the the higher supports , holding weight also.
Before this , the whole thing was gusset’ed and re welded. It can hold more than my 4 run wants to pull.
Hope your back lets you make it to wave rave .
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