2018 Fall PismoFreeride

Feb 19, 2013
Chico California
If you haven't reserved a spot make sure you do it now. (easiest way is to call the number)

Also just got this email today: So not sure if we can have it at Pole 4?

If you still choose to visit the park in October, understand you have been advised of this event. Oceano Fest will have music from multiple stages, which has been approved from Noon on 10/11/18 until 6:00 PM 10/14/18. This area will not be available for camping or off-highway vehicle recreation during this event. Pedestrian access to Oceano Fest will require you to purchase an additional pass from the event promoter, if you wish to attend this event.

Oceano Fest will take place between post 3.5 and post 4.5 in the camping area; however, the remainder of the park will remain open for camping and recreation with no additional restrictions. For more information on this event, please
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