2017 Torch Lake Freeride July 15TH, 2017


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Jul 29, 2008
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DATE: JULY 15th, 2017

Location: TORCH LAKE SANDBAR. The main Launch (closest to the sand bar) is on the south end of the lake, Near torch riviera and torch river marine. LIMITED PARKING!
Not to scale, but you get the idea.

Rules: (not mine the State of Michigan)
Do not come flying into the sandbar towards other boats and people!

150' from all boats.
Idle zone 150' from shore
Idle zone 150' in and out of sandbar (idle to and from sandbar)
Boat launch and river are also idle only zones, From the boat launch idle out to the bouys (its not that far).

Also a Saturday in July at Torch does have some police patrol (mainly on the sandbar). I have been asked for registration before. Some of us are staying up longer than the weekend so lets keep it on good terms with the P.D. If you choose to drink you are adults, but I ask for the sake of the group that you wait to after the riding or atleast keep it discrete, and do so responsibly. We want to save face with the locals and the police and stay on there good side. We are all adults if your ski isn't legal that's your choice. However, What is important to the entire group is that we don't give the cops a reason to pull us over! let them deal with the drunks on the sandbar and not all of us. 2012 they were all over us, 2013- Present they pretty much left us alone. So I am posting these rules so that everyone knows what is expected and we can be left alone again and have an enjoyable ride.

Disclaimer/other info:
This is a FreeRide! Myself and @SuperN8 will do the best we can to get everybody as much info as we can for the day, but we are not responsible for you (we want to ride too and enjoy our vacation). There are no set times. The riding will take place west of the sandbar on south end of lake. If you can bring scissor stand or some rope and tie up in between riding (if someone in the group is bringing a boat that works well).

Most likely you will launch right next to the house I am staying at and see some skis on the beach (if we are not out already). PLEASE DO NOT STOP HERE OR BEACH YOUR SKI HERE!!!!!! I am staying here with several families that are not associated with the freeride. We will meet on the sandbar.

This isn't the best freeride out there. We have rules to follow to keep this thing going (but honestly its Michigan law), limited lodging, limited parking, but this is America's most beautiful lake! So come out hang out, and enjoy the water!

Thanks guys!
Nov 13, 2016
Jackson mi
I was just down at torch lake last week on a job, and I said to my self I wish I know someone there lol. I might be albe to go, I will keep you updated.
Nov 29, 2016
west mi (Muskegon)
I was also disappointed. I don't see anybody else out here. Did this ride get canceled and just not posted that it was canceled?

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