SOLD 2016 RCW Carbon Havoc ET1107


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Apr 29, 2016
Glenmoore pa
2016 RCW Havoc - Carbon (properly titled)

SOLD Not a lot of flexibility on that price - this is a bargain
call/txt any time - 610-350-8621 -Jordan
  • ET1107 new this year
  • 200 PSI domes
  • Skat 155 setback pump
  • XScream pro trim
  • Novi 48s
  • Powerfactor Pipe
  • MSD total loss or zeel, whichever you want
  • Xmetal pole
This ski is an absolute beast. People are regularly amazed with what this ski can do. The height is unreal. You can combo as long as you can hold on. It’s an amazing ski. I’m selling either this or the DVX 1200 I have. I’d honestly prefer to sell the DVX but when one sells I’ll keep the other.

The bad:
  • This hull delaminated on the bottom and cracked. I repaired it and it’s been holding up really well. It’s not the prettiest repair but it’s the reason this is so cheap. It’s honestly made me more confident on the ski since I’m not so worried about beating up the hull.
  • I’ve messed with the turf a lot this year. Right now it has a right side heel lock only and it’s about the perfect setup. Certainly not the prettiest turf job but functional.


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