2015 EME Aerial 8 for sale at SFF $2,500 FIRM

Feb 19, 2016
SFF ski for sale special!!
Hello all. I plan on bringing my 2015 EME Aerial 8 to the freeride to get some sale attention.
Its a turn key complete running ski..and it rips. Its a 2015 EME Aerial 8 Hybrid Layup(half carbon half fiberglass). Ericmalone.com.
I have not had much luck selling the whole complete ski for $7,500....almost 13k invested. Had a guy waste 2 months of my time at the start of the season only to get low balled in the end.
So i am trying to just sell the hull only for $2,500 FIRM and part the rest of it out. It will accept Kawi or Yamaha powerplants.
Hull will come with,Hull,Eme pole bracket only,EME carbon fiber Kawi engine bed plate and Yamaha superjet bed plates,Rhass products Kawi engine mounts,EME ride plate,Rule Bildge pump,4 month old Duracell battery in mint condition hardly used, Jet dynamics extra deep intake grate. Hood is new and I have been unable to get graphics from Eric Malone. I have a local guy who is going to do them for $150 I just haven't dropped off the ski to him yet. The original hood will be on it for the day with legit GA registation #s.

Free no questions asked test rides available to anyone who shows to the event. Gas is free too. Just ride it and tell your friends is all I ask. Ski has been sitting for 3 months or so need to run a few tanks of gas through it. I plan on Just coming for the day on Saturday and will have to leave late afternoon.
This ski is great on the lake..can ride it all day without getting too tired.


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