2014 Lake Erie Freeride


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Feb 9, 2006
New York Crew
This event is now officially cancelled. I will be notifying all of the sponsors via email soon. This was a tough decisions Team Xtreme has been struggling with for months now. We were trying to work out all the details and figure out camping, logistics, etc but with the current status here it became too close time line wise. We had to make a call and decided that rather than cancel at the last minute and have thousands of raffle items, air fares booked etc we would cancel.

Its amazing for years there have beeen positive and negatives to this and all events. This event for some reason caught on, we greatly appreciate all the attendance and positive vibes from all who attended. To the sponsors, over 100 last year, we are truly humbled by your past and current offerings to the charity raffles. As everyone knows there are costs to running an event like this, but we have been able to donate thousands the past few years to local kids charitys, etc. The first two years TXJ donated out of pocket for this event, and its great to look back and remember us discussing how much we each could afford to give the charity after spending thousands on the event. LOL Last season 5 charities received donations from all of you. They greatly appreciate it, and they unfortunately are the ones who will miss this event the most. There will be more local smaller rides, possibly other bigger rides, but all in all Team Xtreme did their part to grow the sport of freeride freestyle for 5 years.
All of you will determine what happens next. Its your feedback, support, ideas, interests, donations, sponsorship, and personal dive that will take this sport to the level we all know it deserves. Until then, see you on the water :)

Below is the old info that is no longer valid:
Team Xtreme is proud to announce that The Lake Erie Freeride will occur August 22-24, 2014. Feedback from everyone has been great. We are expecting 2014 to eclipse all other years of this event. This will be our 6 year of the freeride, without your support it would not exist. THANKS

There will be tractors on and off the beach again this year. The fee will remain the same at $5 on and free off.

There is no alcoholic beverage allowed to be carried in your coolers onto the beach, they will be checking.

Places to stay details etc are on the X http://www.x-h2o.com/showthread.php...osite-Works-Lake-Erie-Freeride-places-to-stay

If you want to camp near your vehicle you will need to stay in the RV area across the street. We need room in the park for enough tents, so there are no vehicles allowed in there except to load and unload. If you want to sleep near your ski, leave your skis on the beach right in front of the tent areas. If you have been there you know that the tents and beach are right next to each other. RV's will be parked in Connor's Hot Dog Stands Side lot

Many more details to follow
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Feb 21, 2006
sunbury ,ohio
Thanks Bryan ...this is always a great KILLER ride to attend where else do they have ''SKI VALLETS'' for 5$ , shaded camping ,food , beautiful weather, sunsets , Rock Bands ,beer , a place for kids to play ,BIG PRIZES, 3 PLACES TO EAT ,2 PLACES TO DRINK,and never even leave the beach ! I know i left something out ........ :) dont miss it !!!! untill then ...........
Aug 10, 2013
Washington PA
That's the impression I got. And I always made it a point to grab a couple of beers and lunch at least once during the weekend to show support...
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