2013 Rage Composite Works Lake Erie Freeride places to stay


Liquid Insanity
Feb 9, 2006
New York Crew
There are quite a few places to stay at this years freeride:

Camping on the beach next to the club, 20 donation for the weekend, register on-line

RV's can park across the street in Connor's Hot Dog stand parking lot, 80 donation for the weekend, register on-line

Rv's can also get a spot with electric about 3 miles down the road. This has nothing to do with our event so contact them directly. They are having an event that weekend so spots will fill up quickly.

Closest motel is Angola Motel http://www.angolamotel.com/

If you check around there are major hotels all within 15 minutes. Hamburg exit off the 90 is a great location and is about 14 miles away.

There are many houses for rent close by if you check online.
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