Part Out 2005 Superjet - $2600 OBO

Feb 9, 2009
Cleveland, OH
2005 Superjet - Parting this thing out. If you see something you want/need shoot me a PM.

-Engine bay and tray reinforced
-Some repairs on the rear & nose. It had a scupper installed at one point that I patched over.
-701 out of a blaster, was freshened up before it went in a few years ago
-B pipe
-Single carb w/ primer bulb on dash
-ADA Girdled Head
-Single rule 500 under the shaft on a waterproof switch
-Turf (not in great shape)
-Worx intake grate
-Some a/m ride plate
-Scat impeller.. unsure of pitch
-A/m bars w/ odi lock on grips & finger throttle

Located 20 minutes South of Cleveland, OH (in North Ridgeville)

Ready to rip!

(i removed the rock after seeing this picture lmao)

this area of the hull was pretty thin when i got it, reinforced the bay but also put a patch on the outside for peace of mind

compression test as of today (7/12/2018) ~180 front cyl ~170 rear cyl

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