2004 Yamaha Superjet

Oct 3, 2018
New Jersey
2004 Yamaha Superjet.. It runs great and is back flushed after every ride.

-Painted laguna Seca Blue (BMW blue)

-Factory B pipe (installed 2019)

-Rebuilt carbs/jets (installed 2019)

-TDR waterbox (installed 2019)

-Hooker 9/14 impeller

-Brand New turf with 3 inch kick

-Footholds with tray reinforced

-Pole Bump Pad

-Blowsion hood limiting strap

-Pole limiting rope

-D Cut ride plate

-Shortened KP industries pole dipped in white carbon fiber (installed 2019)

-Blowsion single hole pole bracket

-New stop/start switch (installed 2019)

-Primer kit (never used but installed)

-ODI grips (installed 2020)

-Blowsion Finger throttle

-New on/off fuel valve (installed 2019)

Price is 7500 pick preferred, only would trade for a tiger craft +cash on my end. located in New Jersey.


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