SOLD 2000 Superjet w/ RRP pole and extras.


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Jan 20, 2011
Cleveland, Ohio
I purchased this ski a while back and went over it over the winter. I built it for my woman and i to keep and for her to learn on. Well, she spent some time on my xfr and has no interest in this superjet so i figured I’d list it. The ski is titled and ready to ride. It is perfect but is very nice and runs perfect.

Here is what’s on it.
-701 ported by peak Powersports.
- oem 38s with carbon reeds
-ADA high comp head
- lightened flywheel
-msd enhancer
-RRP pole
-blowsion steering
-RRP bars
- thrust lever
- Blowsion carbon fiber chin pad
- ODI Troy lees
- brand new XS trim and 62t nozzles.
-skat trak -3 prop
- carbon fiber ride plate
- JD intake grate
- wamiltons carbon fiber gas cap
-aftermarket water box
- blowsion tubbies
-blowsion hood straps
-billit bow eye
-blowsion hood and nose piece
-factory b pipe

I’m sure I’m forgetting other things. Pictures are loading sideways so if you’d like more please just message me.

51FBF5CB-DBA3-4F10-AD43-1548FC67E18C.jpeg 521A0737-0039-4E5E-962B-A93EA3B45403.jpeg FD5483B2-3ED4-49E5-B33C-C475FA0608EE.jpeg
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