SXR 2 gen X-2 dual cooling lines for a factory pump

Apr 7, 2019
I am looking for some advise. I have purchased 2006 2nd gen x2 800 with a factory wet pipe about 4 months ago, I have not had a chance to ride this ski yet so do not know how if performs with the way the cooling lines are routed. At this time there are 2 fittings in the pump housing that are directly across from each other. one line from the pump goes to the bottom of the exhaust manifold and the other line goes to the fitting on top of the head pipe. The 3/8" line at the bottom of the head pipe is going to fitting at the front of the ADA head and the 1/4" line in the ADA head is going to the tee fitting and 3/8"line coming from the bottom of the pipe and then out the side of the ski. Does this seem like it would work right ??? Any help would be appreciated.


LeT tHe gOOd tImEs RoLL
Jul 5, 2008
Charleston S.C.
The are few didn't ways you can route the water lines. I would run it and keep watch on everything as you would a new ride and adjust accordingly.
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