1995 Yamaha FX1 Restored and Modded

Apr 13, 2014
Chelmsford, MA
1995 FX1 For Sale

Completed restored and modified FX1. I stripped the ski down bare and started from scratch. A lot of work went into this ski. Just ride my other skis more and need to thin the herd.

I am asking $4,600. Ski is located in Chelmsford, MA.

Here is the run down on the ski.

Stripped and painted candy red top with gold flake black bottom. Pictures don’t do it justice really sparkles in the sun


Tom21 Sponsons

Complete turf everywhere

Bunch of red billet parts

Bilge with rotary switch on dash wired into ebox where temp sensor was

Cold fusion steering

Blowsion 4deg straight bars

Clip on grips

Scoop intake grate

144 pump swap - bored out stock shoe to approximately 138. Has same drive train as my super jet and can’t tell any difference it pulls very hard. I also modified the fiberglass to make the pump fit. That way any 144 will fit if something were to happen.

08+ Prop

Motor completely stripped and sand blasted and rebuilt

62t/61x motor stock bore

35cc girdled head

Mod B-Pipe

Dual 38s

Flame arrestors


Stock electronics
Yamasaki coil
Lightened flywheel

8DA26551-C0F4-4C7C-B45D-0EDC11E3ECDF.jpeg D47E9D51-B1A3-4980-B005-A871E3430776.jpeg A2CF2BC6-CC1F-4B43-B57C-2097C0B773E0.jpeg D19062A6-71D9-48DE-8604-2A26CD6BE253.jpeg 256A9DE1-EEFC-44CA-9DEF-87597FE3CE1C.jpeg C902E8EF-B6F3-4FF1-9556-9860B9173BB3.jpeg 2AA3FE4C-E7AA-4BEB-A157-C5F1CCB352E8.jpeg CE4F8849-AE3D-4AEE-AF44-96021879514E.jpeg C8D01092-D2E5-4F47-8618-7B2C57B8739B.jpeg 1A873DF3-6A62-4907-9F0B-B4DFE8DF9788.jpeg
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