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    WTB Aftermarket superjet hood

    I’m looking for an aftermarket superjet hood (‘04 SJ). I’m hoping for something carbon with hand holds but will consider others. Let me know if you have one available. Thanks!
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    RRP Rickter Pole Bracket Install Issues

    All, I am trying to install my RRP Rickter pole bracket. I am having trouble getting the "cubes" to align to the holes in the top plate. The uprights must be tightened first, because once the top plate is set on the hull, you can't get at those allen head screws anymore. When I try to push the...
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    650 superjet: How can I get some more power?

    I just picked up a SN SJ and it has quite of bit of work done to it. The engine is left alone though, and it runs great, but is a total dog compared to my last ski (sxi pro with sxr engine). I plan to drop a 701 in it this winter or sometime in the next year, but my question is: What can I...
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    I was trying to remove the stock decals off my 99 sxi pro last, and yeah, I guess the color bled into the clearcoat somehow by using the graphic erasure thingy. Looks like I messed up a mint paint job. Dont do this!! any suggestions? im pretty positive it wont come out. I have tried goo gone...
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    trued/welded cranks debate

    I heard an interesting argument the other day. I now understand the importance of truing the crank, but some swear welding is not needed... what do you all think?
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    750 kawi engine advice

    Here's what I have... I have a 750 big pin, it threw a rod. As best as I can tell from looking/feeling, the crank is still good. The top crank case is also unharmed, and all mating surfaces good. The bottom tabs on one of the cylinders were messed up, but again, only the cylinders. One...
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