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  1. danrowan

    Rickter EDGE FS Carbon look $5750 SHIPPED

    PRICE DROP $5750 shipped to USA See below for more details on whats included. Carbon Look EDGE FS hull for sale Ready for worldwide shipment HANDLEPOLE NOT INCLUDED AND ALREADY SOLD Hull includes everything you get with a new Rickter hull: Hull & hood Pole bracket Hood...
  2. danrowan

    DASA +10mm 900cc NINJA Edition FOR SALE NEAR NEW

    This DASA 900cc NInja Edition was specially built for us by Kyle @ Dasa for our demo NITRO hull and my own personal ski. Once we built the ski we had a lot of call for testing the hull with 1200cc and swapped the motor out, and we have stuck with 1200 since. My intention was to compete in 900...
  3. danrowan

    DASA +10mm 1000cc FOR SALE REBUILT

    Rebuilt DASA +10mm 1000cc For Sale Everything pictured is included. Ready to drop in and rip. New 89.5mm pistons on fresh bore Crank refresh. All new gaskets and seals All originally built at DASA including case and cylinder porting. SOLD THANKYOU Engine in action before its...
  4. danrowan

    NITRO C-1 Visual Carbon Hull by DJR Ltd

    Hey everyone! So at DJR we have been pretty busy working on something new to show you all. Introducing NITRO by DJR. This is the NITRO C-1 model in full visual carbon. We will be launching an F-1 fibreglass model in a few months time. We are just concluding our testing phase of the...
  5. danrowan

    Rickter XFS Competition Carbon Textreme 1000cc DJR

    Rickter XFS Competition Carbon Textreme 1000cc Lovely ski, very well looked after all round. £19,000 - $27,000 USD Low hours. Spec includes: DASA +10mm 1000cc Shortblock DASA 48mm carbs RRP Carbon Exhaust System 155mm magnum pump with skat trak impeller Thrust Pro Trim Lightweight RRP...
  6. danrowan

    New DJR Limited Edition Freestyle/Freeride Yamaha Superjet - $12000 USD - 1 Year Warranty

    Our 4 Limited Edition DJR Yamaha Superjets are for sale! $12000 USD per ski International shipping included in this price - contact us to see if your location qualifies. All 4 skis are ready to ship immediately. 1 year warranty included. All enquiries please contact or...
  7. danrowan

    Old School Yamaha Superjet Freestyle Edit

    Checkout this promo edit we just made for our new Limited edition Yamaha Superjets... Lots of old school tricks in there to bring back the days before AM hulls and big motors! Enjoy! Dan
  8. danrowan

    Super Jet DJR Yamaha Superjet Project

    Hi all, Over the last few months we have been working on 4 limited edition superjets.... 3 out of 4 are now complete! Check out the build thread here: Dan
  9. danrowan

    Limited Edition DJR Yamaha Superjet

    Another couple of DJR builds we have been working on... Enjoy! After the success of our DJR WaveBlaster project, we wanted to rework the classic Yamaha Superjet which to this day is still the basic running platform and inspiration for almost all freestyle and freeride standup jetskis. We have...
  10. danrowan

    DJR Engine Braces - 6 Engine Mount Kit - DIY Kit for Yamaha Superjet Rickter & Aftermarket Hulls DJR Engine Braces The part all of you freeriders have been waiting for! Forget engine keepers which last 5 minutes before bending. Forget rock hard, aftermarket engine...
  11. danrowan

    DJR Battery Holsters - Battery system for Rickter XFS / XFR DJR Battery Holsters The DJR battery system solves your battery problem for your Rickter XFS or XFR. The DJR battery holsters simply mount directly to the firewall of the ski, supported by the bond line ridge...
  12. danrowan

    DJR Quacker Valve Introducing the DJR Quacker valve. Say goodbye to those leaky scupper flaps. Our 'quacker valve' incorporates rubberised duck bill valves, which completely seal whilst your ski is in the...
  13. danrowan

    DJR Standup Jetski Transportation Bags The only option to protect your pride and joy when going to and from riding! These bags are hand made in the UK. Custom designs available. Fits Yamaha Superjet, all standup Kawasaki models (except...
  14. danrowan

    Rickter XFS 1000cc For Sale - DJR Built

    Rickter XFS 1000cc For Sale - £16500 approx. $20250 USD ($1.00:£0.82) Worldwide shipping available Fibreglass Rickter XFS hull 1000cc +10mm Dasa Engine (less than 10 hours from new) 155mm Magnum Pump (less than 10 hours from new) Thrust Pro Trim System (less than 10 hours from new)...
  15. danrowan

    Freestyle DJR Freestyle Edit

    Hey guys, Check out this new edit on our youtube channel: More videos on our youtube channel - And on our website - Enjoy! We always have skis, hulls, motors and parts for sale and we ship...
  16. danrowan

    Freestyle DJR Freestyle Edit

    Hey guys, Check out this new edit on our youtube channel: More videos on our youtube channel - And on our website - Enjoy! We always have skis, hulls, motors and parts for sale and we ship...
  17. danrowan

    New 2016 NEW Rickter Hulls in stock - XFR Fibreglass SOLD & XFS Comp Textreme Carbon $9175

    Last 2 hulls in stock for this season, ready for immediate shipping worldwide. All enquiries contact 2016 Rickter XFR - Fibreglass layup - Red graphics SOLD 2016 Rickter XFS Competition Carbon - Textreme construction Texteme carbon ninja chinpad also available. £7800 exc. VAT...
  18. danrowan

    Freestyle DJR Ltd - Standup Jetski Specialist - Youtube Channel

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to share our new promo video which can be found at the following link or embedded below! Be sure to watch in HD and subscribe. Enjoy! Dan Rowan
  19. danrowan

    DJR Yamaha Wave Blaster Builds

    This winter at DJR Ltd, we decided to refurbish 4 Yamaha Wave Blasters Unfortunately, the build thread is far too long to upload on here, so check it out on our blog here Enjoy! Dan Rowan - DJR Ltd
  20. danrowan

    Ski Rickter XFS Carbon - 1100cc - Carbon Exhaust - 148mm Pump - Immaculate Condition

    Rickter XFS Carbon - 1100cc For Sale 1100cc Dasa engine with low hours Built with all new OEM yamaha components 148mm Skat trak magnum pump with Yamaha trim system & carbon Rickter ninja flow guard RRP carbon exhaust system RRP rear mount tank £17,000 International shipping available...
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