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  1. ItsRixter

    First picture of 2021 Waverunner including Superjet

    Hey, I found this post w a pic of Kevin Shaw from Watercraft journal with the new 2021 skis. A Superjet is up front. Those other skis look like dual handle bar or some big mirrors way up front
  2. ItsRixter

    Looking for 2008+ title - hull any condition

    Looking for a really crappy, destroyed 2008 or newer SJ hull. Must have title.
  3. ItsRixter

    Worx 228 vs 201 on 2008+ SJ

    Anyone tried AND compared a Worx 228 intake grate vs the 201 on their 2008 or newer SJ? Only interested in hearing from those that have tried both. I dont need "the 201 is for pre 2008 and the 228 is for 2008 and newer" feedback (duh) I am riding my 2008 with a 201 and it works fine...
  4. ItsRixter

    What intake grate is this?

    Anyone know what intake this is? R&D?
  5. ItsRixter

    Couch motor mounts in SJ- How?

    Hi guys, I heard many of you run couch motor mounts in a SJ because they are beefier than stock mounts. I tried one and the bolts holes are larger. How do you make the bolts hold the mounts in place?
  6. ItsRixter

    SOLD Factory B Pipe - Yamaha 701

    For sale is my used factory b pipe--- 61x manifold with limited pipe chamber. Includes 3 adjustment screws that turn freely, 3 head pipe bolts, coupler and elbow connector $835 plus any pp fees and actual shipping charges (48 states only)
  7. ItsRixter

    WaveBlaster Exhaust hose

    Perfect condition wave blaster long exhaust hose. This is the one from waterbox to exhaust outlet. $100 +shipping and paypal fees (venmo accepted also)
  8. ItsRixter

    Looking for WB2 /GP760 factory pipe

    Need complete set with mounts. Thx
  9. ItsRixter

    Location of stock pissers on B1

    Okay, I consider myself somewhat of a blaster expert. That said, I acquired a 1995 B1 and it doesn't have a stock pisser coming out of the left (or right) side under the bond line. So I was thinking someone patched this one up and modified it. I have owned numerous blasters (93, 95, 96) but...
  10. ItsRixter

    Riva Red B2 pipe in B1?

    Hi guys, quick question, can a Riva B2 pipe be installed into a B1 if I am switching to rear waterbox? The manifold points towards the front but the pipe loops back towards the rear. Seems like possible issues could be if it hits the gas tank or the edge of the engine compartment opening...
  11. ItsRixter

    Machine shop recommendations in the San Diego area?

    Anyone have recommendations for cylinder work in the San Diego area? I have a 95 Blaster with a shot cylinder (30 psi). I was going to take it apart and order new pistons but will need it honed. Is SBT core swap a better route?
  12. ItsRixter

    Yamaha warranty renewal question

    Hi guys, I wanted to ask a question about extending the Yamaha warranty (for my couch -FX SVHO). Got a note from Yamaha offering to extend my YES warranty 1 additional year $700 2 additional years $850 3 years $970 Do local dealers ships offer "deals" on these? thx
  13. ItsRixter

    Blaster 1 hull

    I have a titled and currently up to date CA registered 1993 Blaster hull for sale. I never started this project so this is just time for build season. $490. Located in San Diego season
  14. ItsRixter

    Electrical question- can only hit start button once

    Heys guys, I try to start my ski and after the first press of the start button it wont crank again unless I disconnect the battery each time. Anyone have an issue like this. Its for my couch ski (97 GP1200) but thought I'd ask here.
  15. ItsRixter

    Which direction does the pump duct seal go?

    One side is solid, the other has a grove. I am thinking the solid side goes to the pump and grove side goes to the hull. Can anyone confirm.? I have a shop manual and it doesn't even mention this point. thx
  16. ItsRixter

    HIN tag replacement from Yamaha factory?

    I thought I read a post about this but can't seem to find it from searching (fyi why is searching "HIN" in titles only give me a bunch of results without the word "HIN" in it?) So I have one ski with only one HIN tag. The other tag broke off and is missing. I have another ski that was a...
  17. ItsRixter

    Need superjet parts

    Looking for: 2 waterbox straps 2 waterbox strap hooks w bumpers coupler cover nose bracket- keeps the front portion of the nose connected to the hull and also the 2 nose piece screws with sleeves battery side gas tank strap backing plates for pole bracket & hood hooks lower SJ pole cover w...
  18. ItsRixter

    Looking for clean blaster B1 rear bumper / corners w hardware

    need for a restoration project.
  19. ItsRixter

    B2 Riva Red or B2 FP dry pipe compatibility for B1

    Hi folks, Looking to potentially swap a 760 into a B1. That said, the exhaust manifold needs to match the porting of the 760 cylinders. Since I am looking at 760 manifolds/ pipe, I was wondering if anyone can confirm if the Riva or FP B2 pipe setups will fit into a B1? This would help set...
  20. ItsRixter

    How to remove stuck water adjustment screws from factory pipe FPP head pipe

    I have been trying to remove these darn screws from the head pipe for over a year. Now that I have a build about to start that will require this pipe, I was forced to get these screws out ASAP. I tried using a torch and heating them up. Red hot and still no budge. I thought the salt had these...
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