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  1. gabe_k

    96 Superjet Advice

    Been out of the ski world for the last 6 or so years, however I'm still mechanically inclined as most of my friends drop their skis off to be worked on. A friend of mine just picked up a 96 rn with supposedly a 760 out of a wave raider I think? He test rode it and said that it absolutely...
  2. gabe_k

    Surfriding Toto Moto Boatasaki

    hahahaha has anyone heard this? This is my new theme song when I go out!
  3. gabe_k

    -2 or -3 stock RN pole

    I'd accept a stock length too, what you got and whats your price shipped to 92870
  4. gabe_k

    Factory b pipe superjet

    Anyone got one?? I know they go like hot cakes around here, but I'm in need of one for my new setup.. PLEASE !!:)
  5. gabe_k

    RN stock handle pole

    I've got a SN A/C aluminum pole stock length that I'd be willing to trade for a RN stock pole or I'll buy it out right.. I need a -3" max. If yours isn't shortened that's fine, I could do it! Thanks, Gabe
  6. gabe_k

    Super Jet Makeshift Rachet Hood Strap

    Not having the money that some of you guys do..(college student working full time to pay for gas!:wiggle:) I like to take things from around the house to use on my ski. I recently purchased my snsj for just over 2k. I know that's a bit high but it had everything I want on it.. Besides a b...
  7. gabe_k

    WTB superjet pump assembly

    I've got a 95 superjet and my wear ring/prop are rubbing really bad. I'm not sure what my options are of repairing it, so I'd like to just buy a new one and prop. I need: -wear ring -prop(9/17 or close to that) -bearings What else I could use: -factory b pipe -new riser bars -finger...
  8. gabe_k

    Super Jet Proud New Owner!

    Finally, I jumped off the Cheap banwagon! After 3 Kawis and 2 of them being turds, I spent my hard earned money on a 95 SNSJ!! I just picked it up today, so obviously I haven't ridden it.. and with work and school going on, I will only be able to take it out on sundays.. EXCEPT for this sunday...
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