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    Looking for new. PM me if you have one or sell them. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  2. nightrider05

    Super Jet Worn through ground wire cause running issue?

    I can go in to more detail later, but my ski went from running great, to acting like it is in limp mode. I have swapped nearly every electrical component chasing this issue down, and just came across this worn through ground wire. So can a worn through ground wire cause ski to not run...
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    Used OEM Kawasaki 750 Big Pin Crank- $200

    Asking $200 plus shipping OBO for an OEM Kawasaki 750 Big Pin crank. Bearings are smooth and no excessive rod play. PM if interested. Should be around $25-30 shipping in US. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Great guy to deal with. Good pricing, fast shipment and part was exactly as described. Thanks again! Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  5. nightrider05

    WTB : Yamaha Wave Venture Bar Pad

    Looking for a good condition Yamaha Wave Venture Bar Pad. Purple or Teal green will work. I'm sure someone out here is using one for a donor! PM me please. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  6. nightrider05

    Fyrhazard- Great seller

    Bought a Hazard bracket and it arrived quickly. Great looking part, fantastic price, and very good communication from seller. Thanks again!
  7. nightrider05

    Want to Buy Aftermarket SN Superjet Pole or SN to RN Bracket

    Looking for an aftermarket Pole option for my SN superjet. This could be a SN AC Racing aluminum pole(want one with zero dents), or a conversion bracket (hazard or watcon style) to convert from SN to RN pole. I will consider a used RRP or KP pole as well if a bracket is available for them to...
  8. nightrider05

    Is Cramit442 still around?

    I wanted to speak with him about a XFT Free-X i've been told he might have owned or built..can't seem to find him in the search. Any info?
  9. nightrider05

    What's this flywheel for, and can it be saved?

    This flywheel came with a bunch of parts. I am assuming it's for a yamaha, as a puller came with it that's marked for Yamaha and most everything else was yamaha. It looks like corrosion built up between layers and bulged out, hitting the stator in some areas. Can it be saved? What brand is...
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    WTB: 701 Girdled head- Can be missing girdle hardware

    Looking for a Yamaha 701 girdled head. I have a couple sets of girdle hardware I can use so yours can be missing the hardware assuming the price reflects that. Looking for ones such as Blowsion or ADA..ones that I can still get parts for. Would like to keep compression around 175-185. PM me if...
  11. nightrider05

    Want to Buy 61x Yamaha Intake Manifold for 48mm Carb

    I am looking for either a stock manifold that has been nicely bored out to fit a 48mm Novi, or an aftermarket intake manifold if they exist. PM me if you have something. I have a stock manifold I can send to someone if they can do a good job at it with a machine.
  12. nightrider05

    Used Yamaha 64x 760 Stator - $100 Shipped- 2 Available

    I have two Yamaha WB2 64x 760 Stators with covers. Asking $100 each shipped in US. I also have two complete electrical boxes as well. I can sell them with or without the CDI. Without CDI- $100 plus shipping with CDI- $150 plus shipping. Right now I seem to have misplaced the ebox Phillips head...
  13. nightrider05

    Ski 2002 Polaris Octane- $5500- St.Louis Missouri

    Up for sale is a 2002 Polaris Octane with a clean title. This Octane overall is in good condition with a solid motor that has great compression. As you can see from the pictures, it has all the factory goodies plus some. The gas tank has been removed and padded in the known areas that rub, and...
  14. nightrider05

    1989 Kawasaki JS440 - St.Louis Missouri - $500

    1989 Kawasaki JS440 for sale. It is complete minus a flame arrestor cover but I may have one in storage. I bought this with plans of putting a Yamaha 701 in it, but I don't see myself getting to that project. I do have a title in hand to prove ownership, but it was signed by previous owner and...
  15. nightrider05

    Yamaha 701 62t Boyesen Pro Series Carbon Reeds- 4 sets- $80 each.

    As title states, I have 4 sets of Boyesen Pro Series Carbon Reeds. Model Pro- 37. These same ones are priced at $90-105 on ebay. $80 per set plus $5 shipping. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Kawasaki 650 Mikuni SBN 44 Conversion - $275 Shipped

    For Sale: 44 SBN Mikuni Conversion for Kawi 650- $275 Shipped in US plus paypal fees. This is a complete setup from the west coast intake manifold to the yamaha oem flame arrestor. All parts are freshwater use only. This includes the throttle wheel and universal cable adapter. Carb has a...
  17. nightrider05

    Octane losing spark

    I have a 2003 Octane that I picked up non running. The previous owner had said it started to not run right and he thought it was the carbs. Long story short I went through the carbs and fixed some known issues. Get it all back together, it fires right up once primed. Head to the lake, no...
  18. nightrider05

    Kawasaki X2 Driveshaft

    As title states, looking for a Kawasaki X2 driveshaft. Splines must be in good condition. PM me if you have one. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  19. nightrider05

    Want to Buy Polaris Octane CDI

    Looking for a CDI box for my 2002 Polaris Octane. PM me if you have one available. New or used.
  20. nightrider05

    Want to Buy Kawasaki Jetmate Fuel Tank

    Looking for a Kawasaki Jetmate OEM fuel tank. Must not have any leaks or repairs. Also looking for a reverse cable. PM me if you have one.
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