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    Hull Rockered B1

    For sale Carter B rockered B1 hull. Currently has stock B1 pump and xmetal trim installed. Protec intake grate. Shaved and turfed seat. Rear exit exhaust. Drop in an engine and your steering system of choice and go. $1800 as is, $1500 without trim system/pump. Will entertain shipping at buyers...
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    Used Protec Intake Grate

    Used but in good shape Protec scoop grate. $100 + ship/pp
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    New NIB Jet Dynamics Scoop Grate

    New in box Jet Dynamics deep intake grate. This thing should really scoop. $150 + ship/pp
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    Want to Buy B1 mid shaft and coupler cover, e-box lid, exhaust

    Let me know what you have, thanks all.
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    Stock wb1 parts

    Thank you everyone for the pm’s, have nearly everything I need now.
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    1994 WB1 $2300

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    701 ind wb1 suspension steering

    Looking for 701 industries quick steer suspension system
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    Stock wb1 parts

    Bought a nearly empty hull that I want to get on the water! I have the fuel tank and the waterbox, need an entire driveline, throttle cable, and all the random bits that go into one of these that I probably don’t know about. Show me what you’ve got!
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    Blaster Parts, motor, pump, waterbox, midshaft, etc.

    Condition of the start/stop?
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    Mens 5/4 full wetsuit

    send me a Pm
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    Used Factory pipe etc.

    Ill take the bars, PM me
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    62t Trim Nozzle $75

    I'll take the last, pm me
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    New ODI Grips

    Black/Black Vans, send me a pm
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    SOLD Yamaha Trim with Riva extended steering nozzles

    PM me, I cant seem to start a conversation.
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