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  1. ngerk

    Complete Zeeltronic

    This is a spare kit I put together. Includes everything you need to bolt on and go aside from an oil block off plate. All parts are OEM and the flywheel has the third lump removed already. CDI is brand new. I installed the kit on my ski for test purposes only. Fires up and runs as it should...
  2. ngerk

    Stripped splines

    Stripped the splines on my driveshaft and midshaft. Not sure the cause yet as I just now pulled the pump. Any suggestions are welcome. Does this look like enough spline engagement?
  3. ngerk

    Blowsion throttle - screw fell out

    Was riding yesterday and thought I broke my cable. Looked down and noticed the screw holding the lever together was gone. Little bit of safety wire had me riding the rest of the day. Anyways, it seems to be an M4 - .7 bolt that used to be there. What I’m wondering is if there was a bushing or...
  4. ngerk


    Looking for a straight fat (1 1/8”) handlebar. Needs to be black. Prefer RRP but open to others.
  5. ngerk

    Short driveshaft alignment

    I just want to talk this one out to make sure my thinking is correct. I’m going to align a 155 pump in a KDX. The engine is set back an inch but still uses a SJ midshaft so the shaft just gets pressed into the housing further. So this means the driveshaft doesn’t even protrude inside the hull so...
  6. ngerk

    Factory B Pipe Limited Chamber

    Limited chamber that I no longer need. $200 plus shipping.
  7. ngerk

    Jet Dynamics +2 intake grate

    Looking for a +2 intake grate in good condition. Thanks!
  8. ngerk

    SOLD Blaster limited chamber

    B1 limited chamber with u pipe and lord mount. One of the mounting tabs is cracked. $250 plus shipping
  9. ngerk

    144 Trim nozzle

    This is a brand new Protec (+50mm) extended steering nozzle on a 65v reduction nozzle. The steering nozzle has only been mounted but unused. Has a few scratches on it. $160 shipped
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