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  1. naticen

    Super Jet Electrical Issues

    Got 62t electronics and it breaks up like crazy on the top end. Stock CDI so I swapped in an enhancer that was good 3 years ago and I pinched the brown wire on the solenoid under a ground screw like an idiot. After trying for a while and finally see what i did, I put in another solenoid without...
  2. naticen

    FX-1 Midshaft

    Want an FX1 midshaft in good condition. Entire thing preferred but definitely need the shaft at least
  3. naticen

    1994 Blaster

    I'm posting this for a friend. I'll update this thread if it sells or there is any good info to add but please call or text him with serious questions. Josh 845-616-3536 1994 Wave blaster 1 . Has a dual carb 62t motor out of a 1996 wave blaster . This ski runs great no issues at all. Only...
  4. naticen


    2012 -5 full carbon badass. Will include the XMetal pole and steering and cold fusion battery box. Has mounts for a Thrust 5 gallon tank and PFP. It needs a bigger pole pad and has marks on the hood from the steering hitting it on some landings. Has some cosmetic issues with some paint crack...
  5. naticen

    Blowsion Steering with RRP riser bars

    $200 Risers have a hole drilled for Start Stop Switch. Obviously need new grips. The bearings could use a replacement as well
  6. naticen

    RRP Pole with Ninja Pad

    $825 Was hydrodipped but it's flaking. Otherwise beautiful. Has RRP steering stop $575 Pole with chinpad. I won't charge extra for the Monster stickers or gopro mount, we'll just consider it even since I lost the 6 bolts to clamp the poles. I should have some orange tubes around for...
  7. naticen

    701 and 781 Motors for sale

    First motor is the cleaner looking one. I never ran it personally except on a bench and it fires up instantly and sounds good. Looks like somebody went to town on it pretending to either port or chamfer it. Bought it for a secondary ski and never ran it Comes with everything shown which is...
  8. naticen

    SOLD B Pipe for sale

    Powder coated B Pipe $700 Screws turn freely. Has dents to clear motor mount. XMetal Handle pole. -1 or 2". Has steering and chinpad. Has corrosion and scratching that the chinpad will cover up. Also can see where a sticker was removed, you can probably clean it up better though and get it right.
  9. naticen

    Anybody want to grab me from Orlando Airport

    I'm flying in for the freeride and the flights to Miami are cheaper by a couple hundred so I was wondering if anybody is coming through that direction and would be down for picking me up. I haven't gotten the ticket yet but looking for sometime on Thursday. Lemme know if you can and what you...
  10. naticen

    Green Corner in the Avatar

    Some people, including myself, have a little green corner on the top left in the avatar. Does that mean something?
  11. naticen

    Waterproof LED's

    Amazon has these strips for around $10 for 5 meters that say they are waterproof but I've seen people on here recommend, which seem to cost 5-10x as much. Does anybody have any recommendations or experience with the cheaper ones. I am definitely going to use something to...
  12. naticen

    How much to chop off the back

    I've got a Tom21 FX that is -6 off the back and I am running the tailplate flush and it is perfect. Now I am starting to build my WDK F1 Pro, which is an SJ midshaft and driveshaft instead of FX like the Tom21. That puts the engine forward about 3/4" and the pump back about 2". I'm not trying...
  13. naticen

    Fixing LC Fuel Jugs

    I've got some LC jugs that I need to replace the vents on and might do O-Rings as well. Is there something better than LC brand stuff? I've never used fuel with ethanol in it and my O-Rings are swelled up. Sometimes they leak and sometimes they try to jump out of the cap when I unscrew it...
  14. naticen

    Chemicals and Cleaner 12 Packs Loads of goodies for cheap.
  15. naticen

    $20 of $50 at Advance

    Promo Code TRT25 Always a good time to buy some grease, spark plugs, vacuum plugs, different spray fluids, or even stuff for your vehicle if you take care of those too. Here's the thread with some more codes for other dollar amounts...
  16. naticen

    Custom/Hybrid The New FX

    I've gotten a bunch of people asking about this hull and I figure it is about time to get some pictures and info up about this thing. It's one of Tom21's first skis that he has put out in an attempt to fine tune his molds and layups and get this thing perfect. I got mine with motor mounts...
  17. naticen

    Custom/Hybrid Spacing for Dakine Footstrap Bolts

    I've got some x-lace straps on one ski and am currently doing turf on my new ski. I want to switch to supremos or whatever it was that I had before but don't have them on hand. Anybody know if I set up my 4 bolts with the UFO nut like Thrust sells that it will be the same to swap out the...
  18. naticen

    FX-1 FX-1 Driveshaft

    I want a good FX-1 Driveshaft shipped to 28411.
  19. naticen

    Differences in Carbon Fiber Quality

    US Composites has 5.7oz x 50 inch wide , 2x2 Twill Weave Carbon Fiber for sale in the discount section for $27.50 a yard and then again as 1st Quality in the regular section for $41.50. Then an ebay seller has what looks like the same one for $22.00 shipped. I'm not concerned about looks or a...
  20. naticen

    Road Bike Christmas Specials

    My girl rides her bike to work daily, about 15 mi round trip, and needs a better bike for it. She wore out a couple cheapos and then a friend that was moving gave her a Specialized that she fell in love with. Neither of us know anything about bikes, so I don't know a single thing about that...
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