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  1. Robbie8984

    Neglected 96 RN Build

    That's a top job your doing there. Will look lovely when she's all finished :)
  2. Robbie8984

    Are Breather tubes enough

    Ive got an XFS Comp with a dasa 1200. Have run it for a season with just the two pole tubes for breathing. Tried a mates hood on the ski that had the ninja hood scoop on and was really noticeable power increase. Cheapest and one of the best mods I've done...
  3. Robbie8984

    XFS hull - what is this on hull in pic

    On big free style motors you usually stick ur hand over the carbs to prime at the start of the day then it’s fine after that.
  4. Robbie8984

    Reserve with big carbs

    built my old flat water ski with dasa 1100 and dual dasa 48’s. Ran stock fuel tap and hoses and worked a treat. Your putting a 060 jet in the return fuel line so not like there will be a restriction in the single feed line with 5mm I’d fuel hose. They do drink fuel but not that much My...
  5. Robbie8984

    Need Help Deciding on an engine

    Et1100 for sure best bang for your buck. Mate had just got one and reckon it has equal if not more power than my dasa 1200 16mm.
  6. Robbie8984

    UK momentum Refurb

    Looks awesome mate
  7. Robbie8984


    Did it come from Rickter like that with no graphics? Looks awesome in just carbon.
  8. Robbie8984

    Safe length adjustment on a RRP pole?

    If you look under the pole there is an smal oval cut about 6mm wide and 10mm long on top and bottom part. You can see the pole tube through it. Don’t extend the tubes past that point.
  9. Robbie8984

    Battery Cable Issues

    My issue is more that cable it’s self degrading This one is still pretty good compared to the rust coloured one on my 1200
  10. Robbie8984

    Battery Cable Issues

    Cheers guy. I have earth bolted direct to starter, it odd as it has just sort of corroded the cable nearly all the way back. Wondering if it’s just to many amps through a 16mm sq cable
  11. Robbie8984

    Let’s see some engine bay pics!!

    Just added a hood breather as the motor struggles just on the stock pole tubes.
  12. Robbie8984

    Flat water backflip plan

    That is so true
  13. Robbie8984


    Yep same here, bought a Maxx 160 pump off him, great price, fast shipping and as described.
  14. Robbie8984

    Battery Cable Issues

    Thanks for he replies guys. Emailed the company I got the cable from, they think it is a quality issue and not due to excessive amps etc. They are sending me a new set of cables FOC so have to see how long these last...
  15. Robbie8984

    Battery Cable Issues

    Not sure is this is a common problem... When I bought my ski (Rickter XFS DASA 1200) it had the original OEM cables thet were years old and it didn't crank very well. Cut cabes open and were a horrible rusty colour. Replaced the cables with a Marine flex 16mm2 tinned cable, cranked perfectly...
  16. Robbie8984

    Super Jet Gap between engine and midshaft couplers

    Standard thread
  17. Robbie8984

    Surfriding RIDERS and their mounts

    GP800 OEM mounts I've found to last really well. Like you say, some hulls require the bottom skimming to allow them to fit but well worth the hassle IMO.
  18. Robbie8984

    Holy grail of carbs?

    What motor are you putting them on? They are all only as good as the person tuning them.... But that being said... On big motors I've always found the Dasa 48's very forgiving and easy to tune.
  19. Robbie8984

    160 maxx pump

    But is the prop hub touching the hub of the pump. You will not be bale to see this as it sits inside the prop hub. If you back the prop off a few turns and it slows it to spin it just needs more spacers.
  20. Robbie8984

    160 maxx pump

    Just to confirm, with prop off shaft spins nice and free? If so and all turns on the way down just locks up at the end you might find the prop has been set back like 5mm and is still touching hub so needs a lot more spacers
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