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  1. Anthony19861

    BAM Hull at wave rave 2017

    I decided to bring my new bam hull out to wave rave this year and it was a crazy experience! I was able to race around in the wake with all the superjets with ease, attempt my first flip, and just all around do anything and everything! Iv never been more pleased with any of the skis I have...
  2. Anthony19861

    Snapped bolt

    welp is there anything i can do to try to get this out or am i pretty much screwed? it's got locktite on it as well.
  3. Anthony19861

    best size pump for freestyle?

    hey guys i have a 155mm pump with thrust trim, i was told i would be better off with a 144mm pump on my 701 61x. next year i plan on upgrading to a larger motor so i was hoping to get input on what you guys think about what would be a better setup.
  4. Anthony19861

    new freestyle ski help

    i just got my first freestyle ski after years of wanting one, it has a 701 61x. i'm 6' and around 140 lbs and my question is is the motor strong enough to flip me cleanly? it has a b pipe, lightweight fly wheel, aftermarket head, and race gas domes. should i build my motor more or just save for...
  5. Anthony19861

    Lake st clair

    anyone riding by browns today? I'll be out there at 4
  6. Anthony19861

    Freestyle ski cover

    Hey guys I just got my first freestyle ski and I'm looking to get a cover for it. I only see covers for sale for the kawasakis and yamahas I haven't found any for freestyle hulls. What kind do covers do you guys use?
  7. Anthony19861

    Barrel Rollin a sn

    I have a 1990 sn superjet with a 650 I want to put a 701 in. Can I barrel roll it? I was told I can't because it will break the hood? And I'm used to flipping everything I have so I'm kind of anxious :rolleyes:
  8. Anthony19861

    What the heck is this

    i was offered this in a trade for a dinghy and he said it needs a battery and the carb cleaned. Does it look like it would even run? Wouk it be a cool project ski?
  9. Anthony19861


    anyone in Michigan want to ride by selfridge or deckers tommorow?
  10. Anthony19861

    Finally got one!

    @Wet Dreams thanks for all the help I finally got it
  11. Anthony19861

    Thoughts ?

    Hey guys I'm trying to get a superjet and I found this one for 1,600. But it has a crack in it. All it dosnt have is a gas door. I'm asking is this a good ski to start with or should I not bother with it
  12. Anthony19861

    Which one is better

    I can either get a 98 750sxi pro. pro with a custom paint job It also has foot holes molded in and brand new hydro turf all the way after market intake grate1,600 Or a 1993 Yamaha super jet (blue) with New blowsion 0 degree Bars with Odi Rouge grips. also comes with stock bars without grips...
  13. Anthony19861

    Good starter ski

    hi I'm new to stand ups and I really want one before the season ends. I found this 1991 550sx for 700$ in perfect condition bone stock new battery and plugs. This is very cheap for my area and I feel I can resell it this winter and get a better one for next year if I like it. What do you think...
  14. Anthony19861

    Please help me decide!!!

    I am new to skis and want one badly! There was a Kawasaki 550 for sale by my house for 200$ but it sold so I looked for another and found this Kawasaki 650sx with a trailer for 1000$ he said he would take 800$ is this a good deal? And is the bottom to banged up to not buy?
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