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  1. shaunsteezy

    Enclosed Trailer - Sleep & Haul Ski - Can it be done?

    your wife will appreciate the toy hauler, i know mine did haha or you can roll the setup im using now
  2. shaunsteezy

    Enclosed Trailer - Sleep & Haul Ski - Can it be done?

    just buy an older used toy hauler, assuming you have a truck that can pull it. i have a 6x12 enclosed for my skis and there is no way im sleeping in it. no insulation, heater/ac or windows to vent really. you cant open the doors from inside the trailer either... too many things you need to build...
  3. shaunsteezy

    hood seal issues ?

    cover the front holes on the hood and only use the rear ones. gets plenty of air still. stock OEM hood seal is the best one
  4. shaunsteezy

    Anyone See an Odyssey Warp/Melt/Vent

    thanks the link! i bought one and they shipped me 2 on accident lol this battery is the real deal. i put the brand new battery in the night before i rode. sank my ski completely to the bottom of the ocean, drug it up on the beach, flipped it over a couple times, cranked all the water out (huge...
  5. shaunsteezy

    Super Jet Looking for a good mechanic near the Inland Empire area they are in Escondido. all my SD buddies use them
  6. shaunsteezy

    New H20 Designs Adjustable Battery Box

    sweet setup. do the straps stay attached to one side like the oem? imo thats a must after fighting them on my coldfusion holder edit: also, shouldn't the holes that bolt it to the hull be counter bored to allow the angle to adjust over them?
  7. shaunsteezy

    Want to Buy Rickter standard foot hold

    i got one. send me a message
  8. shaunsteezy

    Anyone See an Odyssey Warp/Melt/Vent

    where are you seeing 28$? id like to pick up a spare battery but they are 60$+
  9. shaunsteezy

    SN (Sex Nose) Superjet build

    damn a lot of work into that thing! was this lawlors old sn? i remember him having a foothold setup like that years ago. also on the factory pipe manifold, it looks like they machine it after drilling to allow clearance for a wrench to get the bolts loose. should have covered up that original...
  10. shaunsteezy

    Rickter Raw Build!

    nice build. i love my fr2! do you have a mod or limited chamber? get a silicone 2.5" to 2" 45degree hose to your waterbox. also the xmetal waterbox fits so much better then sj one. stuff the nose with pool noodles like you said. also make sure you have the skinny hose clamps that go around the...
  11. shaunsteezy

    who has kewl tow rigs

    put in a lot of work on this rig in the past couple months...
  12. shaunsteezy

    Super Jet Lowered nose piece

    i just used the 2 coarse thread screws and put a bead of silicone around the rest and it holds great. do not use 5200, it will be impossible to remove. this is the way that tomski recommended. i made a bracket like the wdk one above but every couple months the bond would fail and the bracket...
  13. shaunsteezy

    Super Jet Hitch mount stand up stand

    buy the harbor freight 500lb hitch hauler and add bunks. if you wait for it to go on sale they only cost 50$ i have been running mine for 2 years now with 2000+ miles logged and no issues.
  14. shaunsteezy

    Super Jet Rdrttoy's 2008 Super Jet Build

    DAMN THAT THING IS FU(KED UP. pingpong balls no bueno. leme know if you need any parts i can help ya out
  15. shaunsteezy

    1 Red Cold Fusion Motor Mount

    they laser etch serial numbers on them, if its a bad batch or with in the warranty period they will.
  16. shaunsteezy

    Box trailer Conversion for SJ

    sexwax eh? enjoy that chinese wax job on the bottom of ur boat. better off ripping some sch40 pvc on the table saw and "cliping" it on.
  17. shaunsteezy

    surfriders no lanyard vs lanyard riding

    iv been running no lanyard for a couple years now, no issues. it is hard to get the idle dialed in though to where it does die after a few seconds when the pump is loaded. i will probably switch to the quick start design in the future for safety reasons. on the being caught in 10+ surf... had a...
  18. shaunsteezy

    Freestyle mark gomez fund

    i think its super cool of our community to join together and help him out, even if he didnt ask for it. iv been asked by people who dont ride skis, "how much does a pro rider make?" and i just answer "minus 10-15k a year" its almost impossible for these guys to have a good paying career when...
  19. shaunsteezy

    My first dirt bike - Honda FatCat

    "In the rear, the TR200 went with a high tech “no-link” rear suspension system, mated to a works style piggyback Showa shock. The shock featured 45-way compression and rebound settings, which combined with the adjustable tire pressure to provide nearly infinite adjustability." amazing...
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