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  1. guy_from_Iowa


    Looking for a stock Waveblaster 1 waterbox in good condition. (May consider aftermarket also) Please include pictures with price. Shipping to 51360. Thanks.
  2. guy_from_Iowa

    Jetworks 876 - SOLD

    Jetworks 876 – SOLD
  3. guy_from_Iowa

    2012 Krash FootRocket Hull

    FOR SALE 2012 Australian built fiberglass FootRocket Hull (titled as FootRocket) – Bare hull - $3850 Includes: - Hull with hood - Cold Fusion hood hooks and prongs - Stock hood latch - Blowsion hood straps - Pump shoe (installed) - Long and short rideplate - Sheet of turf - Limiting rope eye...
  4. guy_from_Iowa

    Billet Kawasaki Coupler (engine side)

    ***SOLD***, billet engine side Kawasaki coupler. Came off of a Jetworks 876 in a Chan Hull. (Do not have the midshaft coupler) $35 shipped obo. (CONUS) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. guy_from_Iowa

    ***SOLD*** 701 Industries Surf Air Boxes

    For sale, pair of black 701 Ind surf air boxes, in great shape, only used maybe 4-5 hours. $115.00 shipped (CONUS) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. guy_from_Iowa

    Used **SOLD** Blue Blowsion Finger Throttle

    For sale, clean blue Blowsion finger throttle (over sized thread - 10mm x 1.25 pitch) in great condition with good threads. $50 shipped or would make a trade for a Cold Fusion alignment tool. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. guy_from_Iowa

    STOLEN SKIS (update)

    My friends had their two Seadoos stolen from the Minneapolis MN area about 2 years ago and just recently they were posted on Craigslist (together, then deleted) near or in the Redding, CA area. They are trying to follow some leads and hoping to get a screenshot of the ad. Please keep your eyes...
  8. guy_from_Iowa

    Some November 1st Halloween fun

    Air temp was 60 water 55 so I figured I better do some riding... In full costume of course. I call it "jail break jetskiing" lol even put out an "APB" on Facebook that went something like this... -ATTENTION- Be on the lookout for an escaped prisoner. He escaped late lastnight and is believed to...
  9. guy_from_Iowa

    Just saw a stand up on tv

    I was just watching "Last Man On Earth" on Fox and it had a Kawasaki 550 (I believe) in the background of a scene in a garage, then low and behold they actually used it for part of the show and had it ghost riding into shore with garbage bags full of bacon packages strapped to it (you had to...
  10. guy_from_Iowa

    (SOLD) Billet Yamaha N.Y.N.J.A Start Stop Switch

    Brand new never installed billet anodized N.Y.N.J.A start stop switch for Yamaha. Comes exactly as pictured. Price includes PP and shipping to CON U.S. $140 obo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. guy_from_Iowa

    Want to Buy Yamaha 760 cylinder

    Looking for a Yamaha 760 cylinder for a friend who is not on the X. Please PM me with details, contact info, and price (shipping will be to Eagan MN, 55122) Thanks.
  12. guy_from_Iowa

    BUN Handlepole questions

    I have a BUN handlepole with a Rickter bracket on my footrocket (was on there when I bought it) anyway my bushings are worn out and I was wondering exactly which ones I need to replace them with. I was also thinking that I would install a pole spring if possible and need to know what one works...
  13. guy_from_Iowa

    Custom/Hybrid Cold Fusion Footrocket is back on the water!

    I bought this Footrocket from Carl at Cold fusion, (this is the first aftermarket hull for me) I just got it put together and test rode it Monday. Water temp was 40 deg F air temp was about 60. I had a smile on my face the entire time and can honestly say this was the best money I've ever...
  14. guy_from_Iowa

    Super Jet Jetting question for B pipe

    I've got a stock 2002 rn and just got my factory pipe (limited chamber) and had some questions. A guy at a local marina said that I would be able to just use the adjustment screws without re jetting the carb, is he right or is the guy full of it? And I know everyone says that factory's...
  15. guy_from_Iowa

    Other holy crap!!

    pwctoday, been a long time since I logged on...HAHA... » User CPWelcome back rawpotatos You last visited: 02-19-11 at 11:41 am New Posts: 449,852 Log Out
  16. guy_from_Iowa

    Custom/Hybrid daytona aftermarket hull test rides?

    I am in the market for an aftermarket hull (ex: bob or superfreak, etc, (for flatwater) and would like to test ride one before I buy and saw a thread for world finals that had test rides for some aftermarket hulls, as this will be my first actual attendance to a freeride event I was wondering if...
  17. guy_from_Iowa


    Good person to deal with, responds quickly and fast shipping. item was just as described. thanks again
  18. guy_from_Iowa

    Other the X homepage?

    maybe i'm crazy but am I the only one who can't get to the homepage or is something up?
  19. guy_from_Iowa

    Big boat+ big wave+ big air - limiting rope = oops...

    guess i now have a reason to shorten my handlepole, at least the people who saw it said it looked sweet, lol
  20. guy_from_Iowa

    Ride Plate

    Looking for a cheap ride plate to D-cut or one that is already D-cut, it is for a 2002 superjet. please let me know what you have, thanx (pics appreciated) (shipping would be to 51360)
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