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  • hey lou, send me your number so i can get in touch with you to go riding.... i would go over to carlyle lake, but i dont know where to find you cuz i dont have your phone number see? lol
    Lou, jay ferguson here from the lanier ride. Friend of big fish. Man I'm in you country this weekend. Acutally in the middle of nowhere.(Germantown) I guess we're about thirty minutes or so outside of SL. Man If you guys are riding tommorrow give me call. I'd like to meet up with yall. Give me a call either way. (336)953-3399 or (618)523-4239 Maybe we can get a beer or something, being there's so much to do here in farm country.
    There is a ride at lakenorman(small one)if you head this way let me know.Erica got a sxr,I've got a build thread going its tour apart right now waiting on parts.ill put a pic off hers it my build tread
    What going on ,hows that stroker treating you,any plans of getting down here this summer.
    Hey Lou, cant wait to ride this year, which rides will you be at? still havent had a chance to see you new beauty in person...
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