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  • Sorry I havent got back to you guys yet - been away - getting married in a week and a half - very very busy getting prepd June looking like right off - off for two wks after 15th for Hawaii..Check out GTA site for updates - thanks for invite..Mike
    Get some riders and come join us riding in crystal beach for the Can Am ride june 14th and 15th! Toronto is not that far :)
    I think we're going to Musclemans that weekend - Thinking Saturday and or Sunday -Its a great spot - you guys are welcome to come -
    Lol....you are hilarous....I've told him to join the group not sure why he hasn't. I guess being the ole dog that he is; its just a matter of time. Yes, looking forward to meeting you all! Will you be in Barrie the long weekend??
    Sorry Dude missed you message here..I may be interested in going May 24- 17th / 18th I think? Saw your Bass Lake invite..Wheres that? Musclemans might be ok with 3-4 guys not many more - unless if someone has a dolly then we could go with as many as we like..The gate I get access too if for my trailer - getting on th beach. But with a dollie we could just park and cart the skis' that'd be ok - the lakes like 10min north of Markham 9th line and bloomington area.
    i'm in.....also i have 3 of my buddys that would be intrested....Sauble and adamontario
    Mostly in Stouville, Musclemens Lake - Its a smal private lake about 15min north of my place in Markham. Could probably do a couple skis at a time there but I wouldn't want to wear out our welcome as a buddy who owns property up there lets me on throught his gate.

    Otherwise I right where ever I can - Lake Ontario, Simcoe - Kawarthas
    I'm perplexed that theres others with stand ups in Ontario. A couple of us after meeting on the X thoughht maybe we should try and set a couple rides up this year for Toronto riders. Added you - so we can start a 'gang' - kinda. Ha well maybe just have few of us that can gather once and awhile.
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