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  • Shonuff - I was talking to Art at Jetworks this week about my SXR into an X2 conversion and he mentioned yours. He set me up with the jets, n/s and tuning for the stock sxr carbs. How did that work out, any advice? do you have any tips for running the throttle cable? Thanks, Jeff
    I heard you have had the sleeper kit done to your ski from group k and also saw you got a tbm lighweight flywheel both of which i am considering doing since had a piston self distruct. Just wondering how please you were with the work and ride of this motor combo. Are you running a wet pipe with this motor or like it came from group k. I'm looking for some freeride fun and want the grunt down low to put me in the air. Nice ski by the way hope you can give some input. thanks
    Thanks for the comment on the forum! I will take that into consideration! Most people like them in the back so thats how i designed them but i can make them to where they bolt on off the primer location if thats what ur looking for!?

    Are you busy Sunday
    I will be ready to drop it in the water then and realy need your help!!!!!

    Hey Mike it was nice meeting you this weekend,Sophia is too cute.Hope to ride again with you.By the way the wife loved the smooch from you.LOL!!!
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