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  • Hi dude, pretty i met you on the beach if corson inlet today! You told me you had parts , i need a starter for superjet , i blew mine today and im desperate to find the part!!!! If you have that or know somwbody that have it call me at 514-824-0657 my name is marco ....i had the orange superjet!! Thanks in advance, if you do a out call long distance i ll pay that no problemo!!!! Thaks dude
    Hey, what ski is your blue? Fixed bars on a standup hull? What is that? Hows it ride compared to a real X2??
    What's up Dude? Hey I have my flywheel off and was going to advance my timing 5 deg. but I cannot verify where I am truly at with the 650 flywheel it has no mark's it run's great but I wanted to fire it up and see exactly where I am at before adjusting I am running 1995 650 elect's on a SP 750 I am at stock timing mark's right now. I wanted to wake it up a little this year What are your thought's ?
    thanks dude, guess i miss understood what i was reading, the old hull wouldnt stand a chance agianst the stand ups
    hey dude this is in refference to the 650 x2 semi stock class. i was looking for some rules; what i found was the max bore can be 725cc single carb and pipe. well can the pipe be a (factory dry pipe) what mm carb; are you aloud hull mods, weight limits,different pumps and impellers ect... just looking for info; if you or anyone you know can answer these questions or steer me in the right direction please let me know thanks
    shawn iam looking at buying that x2 in pittsburg pa the 750 what do you think its worth. do you still have the nose piece for the frotn for sale.
    are you still going to sell it? I am picking one up next week and am finding out that the FX1 B-pipe isnt easy to find...anyway you would sell me just the pipe? Probably get more money than if you just let it go with the ski...let me know! not sure what shape its in or exactly how much it is worth, but I figured Id give it a shot!


    (916) 996-2192
    shanw whats up bro, i just got a house down by you. ill be down their saturday with brian you want to hit the waves.
    shawn I think I just won a bid on a sxr impeller off of e-bay is that you I am motorheads5 on e-bay also can I give you some extra money to ship it fast to me otherwise crab said send it to him and he will forward thank's let me know craiger
    ship to 99901
    hey NJ......
    so, thinkin that the x2 (marios of course) spends more time under the wrench which causes me to ride alone on the blaster....UGH!
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