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  • Hey Chuck,
    Not sure you got my last message.
    I bought a Dasa 850 from you a while back and now have a 4mm stroked 760 that I want to run an 850 top end on.
    What would you recommend and any set up tips. Was thinking of Blowsion BB850 sleeves.
    Your thoughts would be great.
    Cheers Steve.
    hey man picking up a 760 for my bob en of this month. reading some f your postings about the 64x what do u charge to port on/lower the cylidners a little. and if i was to go this far a 850cc big bore (really want a flat water backflip eventually)
    hey chuck i tried to call you the other day not sure if you got it,how much would it be to trench the cases for a 10mm crank, let me know ill give you a call tomorrow also
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