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    SFF 2019! Oct 10th-13th

    Just be legal and there's no issues. They were just worried about no registrations and such
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    EME Q8 Sky ready to run $6,500

    I wish we were young guns just getting into this sport ready to spend less than a new Superjet on a ready to backflip ski rather than building these things for $20,000 or so not too long ago. Darned kids these days don't know how good they got it. Is there an old man shaking a stick emoji somewhere?
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    Carolina Beach Fall ride 2018....

    They're trying to take away our God given right to get drunk and drive big trucks on the beach. Of course never in that order and especially not with rebel flags Jk. But man do some of the people out there really try to ruin it. We'll still be riding out there no matter what they do. I just may...
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    Carolina Beach Fall ride 2018....

    Thanks for the heads up. For some reason, I never seem to come by any updates. Usually only word of mouth from other riders. I don't know what the organizers are up to anymore
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    Super Jet Electrical Issues

    Plugged it in right and the thing fired up like a champ and revs beautifully now with my 5 year old enhancer. Thanks for all the help. No more trusting my memory to lead me the right way
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    Super Jet Electrical Issues

    Dang. I thought I remembered years ago when I read the instructions that they didn't matter which was which. Sounds like the likely culprit then. Gonna go for that before I get too crazy I didn't feel like that solenoid wire would hurt anything but I just thought maybe somehow shorting it to...
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    Super Jet Electrical Issues

    Got 62t electronics and it breaks up like crazy on the top end. Stock CDI so I swapped in an enhancer that was good 3 years ago and I pinched the brown wire on the solenoid under a ground screw like an idiot. After trying for a while and finally see what i did, I put in another solenoid without...
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    2017 Southern Fried Freeride Septemeber 29th, 30th, Oct 1

    It doesn't have to be with trophies and stuff. We can just do whatever you call them unorganized rides
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    2017 Southern Fried Freeride Septemeber 29th, 30th, Oct 1

    @Ducky J. Trump scheduled his wedding on that weekend just to try and have an excuse not to come again
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    SOLD TPE Built 8mm Stroker 812cc cast Dasa Lamey Powervalve Motor

    Looks like you're just gonna have to give it away since nobody is even willing to snatch it up for a killer deal
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    So glad I made it. There's just no reason not to take a day to meet up with all your old friends and have some fun, right @Chicken Little
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    FX-1 Midshaft

    I'm putting together my stock fx1 right now. The build is still super slow like always. It uses an SJ midshaft and I've got brand new for that. Not trying to go brand new for the stocker
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    FX-1 Midshaft

    Want an FX1 midshaft in good condition. Entire thing preferred but definitely need the shaft at least
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    Ski WDK F1-Pro - carbon - wide tray - wide rails *SOLD*

    Do it. I'll buy it off you next summer
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    1994 Blaster

    Sorry. Sold this past weekend
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