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  • Hello, I want you to ride the ski this summer. Your on top of the list to do just that. But actually it was off little when Marsh rode it in Aug. It was eating a piston that I was trying to make last till the end of the year (all my falt not lpw). So now new; bore, pistons, total loss, and tbm super cone. More than I can ride! About which rides since the sothern/lanier is no more My June 20 weekend for a freeride in Mo. has become pretty big. Its my third year organizing it, last year was 36 skis. It was not a official x-h20 free ride, it is now! I'm counting on attending the wave rave, other St. Louis'ians are going. Tell me this ( not your canada one) which one do you camp and ride right by your car.? Really looking forward to seeing you and yours soon. See ya Lou
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