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    Pole for sale

    Looking for a pole setup. Prefer xmetal but am open to most anything. Lmk what you got
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    Anyone Cut Custom Vinyl Graphics?

    Mikey your inbox is full. Hit me up. Thanks ashby. Good lookin out ;)
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    Custom/Hybrid Mini X2 based jet ski for kids

    Awesome and let oking forward to seeing the conclusion. My 9 year old just started riding a 300. Would started him even sooner if we had something like this
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    Jettlabs pole and steering

    facebook butchered the quality but only way i can figure out how to mobile upload right now.
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    Super Jet cooling line size ,trim tube size???

    I ran 1/2" cooling lines but also drilled and retapped for all 1/2" fittings.
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    2015 happening

    Meant to do it Sunday. Sry fellas. Lol 19th then
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    2015 happening

    Does the 18th work for everyone??
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    Jettlabs pole and steering

    Sorry haven't been online. We got good waves on Saturday. There was a guy actually surfing. Good time. Pole has been through multiple backflop sessions now and she is holding up amazing. Will post some pics tonight with a modified rrp chin pad mounted. New chin pad mold is being made for one...
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    2015 happening

    Noone else interested come one people. I'm feeling like Oct 18th.
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    2015 happening

    I'll make stickers and shirts. Who is down and what date
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    TriXstar Evo : making of

    You going to be in havasu this year??
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    Jettlabs pole and steering

    Working on a demo of the new jettlabs pole and steering setup. Pole is a billet pole with adjustable tubes. Steering is OVP jettlabs steering with rrp straight bars. Ran it this weekend at waverave and it was very successful in the surf. Little short but that was my fault not test riding it...
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    Wave Rave 2015

    weather is showing 80.... last year was 55 and cloudy. lol hopefully its a little warmer this year :P who is going to be up there fri
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    sn or b1

    Looking for a hull for my gf. Since I sold the 750sx shes bummed riding the waverunner so going to use it as a donor for a dinner hull. Northern Ohio Indiana or mi prefered
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    WB1 hull! will be thrown out 6/29/15

    Looking for one for my girl but it too far away :( sad day. Guessing u never get near Michigan right?
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