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  • We ride on Lake Tobesofkee, there's also a couple of guys out there that have some pretty cool skis. We also ride at Lake Jackson below ya'll too and there's some more people out there too.
    Hey man, I think i'm looking at your friend Dustins standup trailer he's got for sale. Noticed your location was Kennesaw so figured that might be connected. A couple of us ride in Macon, we should get together soon and ride.
    Mostly toona we rode one day. I hang out with dustin a good bit. Had the black and green 650sx. Thats sold and working on building a rn and blaster over the winter.
    we'll have to meet up sometime. never even been out there.. I haven't bought mine yet, but I'm thinking about this sj on craigslist and just buying an engine and whatever it needs... If you here of any sj's in georgia or arounnd georgia for a good price let me know if you don't mind ha..
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