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  • missed out on a sick ride bro, dont do it again i wanna see that ski... hope its running good ttyl
    Click on your name on the top right hand side and you'll see the option
    By the way dude. How do I put a profile pic up ? it doesn't seem to let me or some ********.
    Dude See you Sat My cell is (416) 707-8592 I'll tell you where it is later. 2 mins from beach. Is the super jet coming ? may be interested.
    Hey Dude - you get my last couple messages? I'll be around in your area over next couple days doing some running around - I'd love to borrow that carrier for a bit till I get mine made up?( Also I know you said you weren't into Lake Ont but trust me if it was dirty I wouldn't be going - I'm thinking of 2-3 on Friday with BrentR and a few guys - maybe we should go?)

    Let me know - 416 399-8484 Mike
    Get Sauble signed up to JetPilots - Before the registration deadline! We'll confirm next week which day(s) and where we're going on the Long Weekend. Musclemans again good for as many as we want - but Beach/Gated access is really only for one vehicle - yours if you want - we can cart/carry mine and others into water. Big Public beach - almost ideal flat water area. Its just when the weathers nicer we can only have 2-3 boats at the private beach as others pay to use it. If (when) we end up going there you'll see what I mean. Otherwise I like it because its really close. Mike
    Yeh, i used to have a XP, their is a provincial park with dock, BUT there is a free area where you can dock just dirt you have a truck?

    if you want to send to a bunch of people as far as i know you can't do it here it needs to be done on the private the same thing as you did when you sent me a message BUT is the send area add all the names you want....i have no idea who is from barrie and toronto do you know?
    I gota run here - I was just thinking and am not sure how to do it - Try and access my "friends" list and sent all of them an invite to this thing? The BASS lake Brass Balls Ride? Ha - I don't really know these guys/girls but I marked them as friends and sent out friend requests because they all live in Barrie/T.O. area.. We should see how many we can get? Can we get Couches in there? I have Waverunners/big trailer?

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