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    by chance anyone find my go pro cam

    If anyone finds my glasses, they're somewhere in the south end as well
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    pivot bolt stuck....

    fwiw, I was able to install my RRP with the front nose piece installed. I don't think you need to remove it. -Scotty
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    Official Pics/Vids - Daytona 2010
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    This is what happens when you have IHOP for breakfast 4 days in a row

    if that's the one down the street from the makai, brrr... that place was so cold we could see our breath in there
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    most memorable 2010 Daytona moments

    Too many memories. unfortunately an 'accident' friday left me with no glasses until saturday morning, so I couldn't ride as much as I'd have liked. Nasty headache from not being able to see didn't help at all either. 26hr drive for us and one nasty 'backroads' bypass around the i-40 rockslide...
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    what ever happened to???

    what ever happened to the 88-90 World finals pics??? -Scotty
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    Loud Exhausts @ Daytona Freeride

    I have a TDR on my SXR and it's a little crisper sounding, but not louder than stock really. I hope it's ok. -Scotty
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    Not impressed with my RRP

    no, but my pivot bushings don't fit and aren't even close... I'd rather take the bushings down a hair than clean out the holes in the lower bracket.... corrosion central if I take that route.... -Scotty
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    2009 Can-Am Freeride July 18-19

    I'm working this weekend (go figure) so I'm going to try and stop in tomorrow sometime. anyone else going to be there?
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    300/440/550 Ughhh what a shame...

    didn't know ford had shares in kawasaki...
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    Official pics/vids - daytona 2009

    sorry crabby, that's all I took. We were there just long enough to walk up and down the lineup... just happened that my vacation coinsided with the freeride..... if it makes you feel any better, I have to drive home tomorrow....
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    Official pics/vids - daytona 2009

    just a few more.
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    Official pics/vids - daytona 2009

    Stopped by quickly today.. Grabbed a few pics and glad to see Derek was around, but not actually 'there'.
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    E 85...... and you

    Alcohol is Hygroscopic... it absorbs water.... probably not what you want.
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    Me this weekend on the superjet

    For getting around on the hood: -get your speed up around 1/3 throttle. you want the rails out of the water -crouch down in the tray -flip your throttle hand around and use your thumb -lay on the pole, and stretch out as far as you can to the nose -grab the right side rail with your left...
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