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    What pump for xscream dvx

    Id say torrent for sure, works awesome in my DVX and you have Brian at Torrent to help with prop pitches and pump tuning!
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    Shortened/Reinforced Superjet

    Question, does this have a lowered pole bracket also? Or are you running a stock one with the lowered hood and nose? Nice ski good luck with sale
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    Riva Superjet Upgrade Kit

    I personally say that is a little over priced and some of those things you do not need. But thats just my opinion, if you want to message me i can help ya out. I am also in MI.
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    amatuer winning xscream 900r

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    Wanted: H20 designs pole bracket reviews

    I stand behind their products! Never have had an issue!
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    Have no idea how the name started, but we have fun with super chickens in michigan also
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    Want to Buy Motor

    I have a xscream 900 for sale if you want to skip that and go straight to sending it!
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    Best trim set up

    @Philip Clemmons
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    surf riding motor

    $4200 for the short block or $5k for the long block with full spec 49's. Motor has pump and race gas domes and specs.
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    surf riding motor

    I got a sweet 900 ill sell ya if you wanna send it!
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    550 with trim

    Got any pictures with the pole on the ski yet?
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    Freestyle Hauling with no trailer

    Let's see some of the wildest no trailer toy hauling setups! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    300/440/550 550sx ebox

    I will most likely take it, let me just verify i have the same one. Do you know if all the 550 electronic boxes are the same?
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    300/440/550 550sx ebox

    Is this still available? Is everything guaranteed to work?
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    amatuer winning xscream 900r

    Could arrange getting the motor down to Daytona if needed, bump
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