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    Want to Buy 64x Drive coupler set.

    Ordered Thanks
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    Want to Buy 64x Drive coupler set.

    I am swapping a 64x into my sj. Just found out my drive couplers wont work on it. (64x coupler on the motor has a groove for the drive shaft collar) Hoping to get a used set of drive couplers off a 64x, preferably with the dampener. Thanks,
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    Tom21 $65 shipped econo holds

    I just started the installation of my Tom21 holds last night. Judging by the craftmanship, the holds will probably out last my fiberglass job. Cheers
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    Used 701 motor, ADA head, yamaha parts

    Any idea how much shipping would be to michigan? I am looking at the 61x/62t. I am assuming it doesnt require race fuel.
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    Super Jet SN, nose parts

    Do you still have the nose cover for sale? any cracks in it?
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    Used 61x engine, B1 pipe, other misc......

    Do you still have the engine for sale? I will keep keep it in mind.
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    Super Jet SN Superjet build - from butt ugly to new!

    Nice, that thing looks 20 times better. I am sure the pictures only show a fraction of the work done.
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    Want to Buy Looking for 62t

    I am looking around the $500 at the moment, but like I said it depends on what else comes with it. I am not looking for a fresh rebuilt or a bunch of mods. Just the essentials.
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    Want to Buy Looking for 62t

    I have been looking through this site religiously over the past few weeks. This winter I want to replace the 6m6 in my 91 SJ SN. I am looking for a 62t or 62t/61x. (hopefully this makes sense) Not looking to spend a ton at this point , wanting something with potential. Willing to spend a little...
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