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  • hello carter, i have a 2007 superjet and i want the rocker nose kit for it? how much would it be shipped to kuwait? my money is ready
    I sent you an email a wile back, you were going to send me the diagram/template for the rocker nose kit. Please send if you can:
    Hi Carter…
    Interested in the Rear Blaster kit asap. You still offering the discount? How do I send you the $. I'm in NJ 08062.
    PS - I am new hear so I can't PM you yet, so please PM me.

    Thx Carter!!!!
    Hey bud, drop me a mail I'm keen to get your blaster kit sent to me here in SA.
    Hey man you posted on my page I was looking for a front nose peace for my sj well I bought one and it got shipped to my house and stolen off my pourch so if you still have it is be willing to buy it off of you let me no
    Hey I recently bought a rocker kit from you, I was wondering if I could get another copy of the directions? I have the template just misplaced the instructions,

    I was wondering if you still make and sell handle poles for superjets? I saw in a post back in 2011 that you had done 30+ poles by then. If so, will your pole fit a SN superjet?

    hey. i see that you make the rocker and shortening kits for the blaster. is it posible if you would email me the details as to i live in south africa
    I read you were the guy to ask about SN rocker kits, I'm interested if your making them
    Someone tells me you have a round nose water box for sale. What type and how much shipped to ny
    Hey man,

    My buddy Ashby told me you made him a T fitting for dual exhaust on his SJ and I am looking to do the same on my SXI Pro, looking for an aluminum fitting to run right off of the bottom on my limited chamber and out through the right side of my ski. Let me know! Thanks, Scott.
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