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    Lake James Northern Indiana meet AUG 18

    come on out! we're hoping to get some back flippers come out this year lol. send me a message if you decide to come and need help on where to go
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    Lake James Northern Indiana meet AUG 18

    Just a heads up we will be having our annual meet and ride sunday August 18th at Lake James in Angola, Indiana everyone is welcome to come out, it's a blast!! last year we hit 42 stand ups. This started in 2014 with just 7 stand ups and we are hoping to break 50 this year! we have a facebook...
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    Complete limited Factory pipe for 701 SuperJet

    Well my Factory Yamaha bracket snapped for my Yamaha exhaust so now is a good time to get a pipe. Looking for a limited pipe, need everything with it. 2016 Yamaha SuperJet 701 Located in northern Indiana
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    Jetski round up Lakes James, IN 8/19

    Sucks! There’s always next year to look forward to
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    Jetski round up Lakes James, IN 8/19

    We have a Jetski meet up on Lake James, IN. This is an annual event. It gets bigger by the year. it’s great and a site to see a large group of stand ups riding the lakes. It takes place on Sunday August 19th at 1pm. See you there
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    EFI Yamaha 701 SuperJet 62T Electronic Fuel Injection and Ignition Kit

    Work up a Kawi 1100 kit and I’m sold
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    v1 shipped to 46825?
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    Help deciding what used truck to buy

    I love my '03 Silverado SS. 6.0 and haven't had a problem with it. Just hit 106k miles. IMHO, I cannot stand the bailout generation of chevy silverados, id much prefer to have a 2003-2006 over a 2007-2013. Can't speak on dodge at all
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    2003 Kawasaki 1100 SXR $5000

    any interest in my x2 I have listed?
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    1986 Kawasaki X2 650 Indiana

    1986 X2 for sale. Would like to keep but realistically can't. All stock besides K&N filter, solas prop, power reeds and intake grate. Has a primer and a lanyard killswitch. New battery, new plugs, carb rebuilt. missing fuel selector knob (it's set to reverse now). comes with original manual...
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