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  1. Ramps
    Ramps JetManiac
    If I kept my stock head on my 95WB1, single carb, 61X, do you know what I can mill it down to for higher compression or maybe just a gasket change?
  2. Ramps
    Gettin some AIR TIME!!
  3. sergey
    sergey Miamijetskishop
    there are photos of him.he was not burned-out?
    And how to pay you?
  4. dustin272
    dustin272 havasuwc
    Brandon, my name is Dustin I have a good friend who is interested in the ski. We live about 2 hours away from pismo and are not planning on coming unless we can arrange a time to meet you tomorrow on the beach. If possible please give me a call tonight. 559-816-9182
    Thank you
  5. Art Karas
    Art Karas
    Feel Free to give me a call or text at 971-570-4141
  6. 650sx mod
    650sx mod Art Karas
    i am intrested in the rok r for sale
    JEBLAIS uwswimmer
    I am interested in your hitch hauler? Do you still have it?
  8. GabeH
    Too many projects
  9. TOBY
  10. Reaganbb
    Reaganbb #ZERO
    Please contact me when you get a chance I need on of your sxr flywheel
  11. bondra131
    bondra131 #ZERO
    PM me please, looking for flywheel service 62t
  12. hooka-2
    scammers suck!
  13. Eric
    Eric #ZERO
    Looking to get my msd total loss flywheel lightened. Herd u where the place. It's brand new in box. If you could pm me with a cost and turn around time I will get this thing out to you asap. Thank you
  14. Gp800f1
    Gp800f1 lightweight
    Hey were you the one that built the GP800 f1 pro?
  15. Bigfish
    Bigfish Krash
    do you have sheets of turf available really need to tighten up front foot hold in my 50 cal lmk
  16. R35P3CT
    Put a stamp on it!
  17. Hirschfelt
    Hirschfelt zeski25
    Im looking for pics of the novi 46 tappered to 48. I can't get pm's to pull up.
  18. oldguy750
    oldguy750 zeski25
    Pics of Skat trim system for sale for Kawasaki please
    1. zeski25
      they're up
      Sep 6, 2017
  19. bowsdelux
    bowsdelux DannyF
    did you see my last message ??? i doesnt received any message on my email
  20. Ramps
    Okay, 17 HMR at 200yrds...